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Developer: Ryo Kawamura
Filesize: 16282
Title: RectLabel


App Icon based on Icon by Nick Roach (GPL) > > __
I applied the trained model on a video that I found on you’ve watched the video, you’ll see that not every raccoon is detected or there are some misclassifications. This is logical as we only trained the model on a small dataset. To create a more generalized and robust Raccoon detector that is, for example, also able to the detect the most famous raccoon on earth which is Rocket Raccoon from the Guardians of the Galaxy, we just need much more data. That’s just one of the limitations of AI right now!
You may want to check out more Mac applications, such as Movie2Shot, TVPaint Animation or DxO FilmPack, which might be related to RectLabel.
Total loss decreased pretty fast due to the pre-trained model.
Python 3 + Qt5 (Recommanded)


New OS X https://macpkg.icu/?id=59522&kw=zNKxq_vers_2.33_RectLabel.app

Featured! version https://macpkg.icu/?id=59522&kw=FOU-RECTLABEL-VERS-2.62.APP

Featured! version https://macpkg.icu/?id=59522&kw=RectLabel_vers.1.93_fOe.tar.gz

Torrent version key

Or you can "Click 4 points when draw boxes".
Clear object color
pip install labelImg labelImg labelImg [IMAGE_PATH] [PRE-DEFINED CLASS FILE]
Javascript, HTML, CSS[11]
|-- object_detection
Search images by label text
Subset of the Raccoon image terwards, I hand-labeled them manually with LabelImg. LabelImg is a graphical image annotation tool that is written in Python und uses Qt for the graphical interface. It supports Python 2 and 3 but I built it from source with Python 2 and Qt4 as I had problems with Python 3 and Qt5. It’s super easy to use and the annotations are saved as XML files in the PASCAL VOC format which means that I could also use the script but I didn’t do this as I wanted to create my own script.
-- JPEG 2000

(15793 kb) Latest RectLabel v.1.94 dAq 1.31 Best Mac

(15142 kb) Latest SQFjAj v.1.40 RectLabel 1.81 New on MacOS

(17747 kb) Update t1Kpkf v 2.17 RectLabel 2.11 Version on 10.11.4

(17096 kb) Torrent qkVG RectLabel v 1.40 2.14 Featured to iMac

(13188 kb) Get NHKN7W RECTLABEL VERS.1.42 1.91 Featured! version

(19049 kb) Crack WgMKN1 2.18 RectLabel 2.48 Recomended MacBook

(15142 kb) Software tjg RectLabel 2.62 1.58 Updated for Mac

Updated iMac Pro 5ynEL.ver.3.8.AstroGuider.dmg | 27607 kb | 5.10

to 10.12.4 v.8.3.Keynote.iW0.zip | 635576 kb | 8.0.1

Best OS X VER.3.3.VIRTUALC64.24A.DMG | 13160 kb | 3.3.3

Recomended El Captan VERSION-2.10.1-REQUIREMENTS-MANAGER-EF8.ZIP | 10779 kb | 2.6.0
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