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installer Manipulate image, audio, and video metadata. for Sierra

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Main category - Utilities
Sub category - File Management
Developer - Phil Harvey
Filesize - 2970
Title - ExifTool

◒ 11.41 ExifTool

@tags = $exifTool->GetRequestedTags(); Inputs:
3-N) [optional] Additional parameter/value pairs
Note that this option is fundamentally different than all other output format options because it requires information from all input files to be buffered in memory before the output is written. This may result in excessive memory usage when processing a very large number of files with a single command. Also, it makes this option incompatible with the -w option.
This package was approved as a trusted package on 12/8/2017.
The -sep option is necessary to split the string back into individual list items when writing to a list-type tag.


Best Mac https://macpkg.icu/?id=52791&kw=lDB_ExifTool_ver._11.13.tar.gz [3148 KB]

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Torrent version key ExifTool 11.41

Family 3 (Document Number):
Family 2 classifies information based on the logical category to which the information refers.
A list of deletable group names in alphabetical order. The current list of deletable group names is:
APP5 - Ricoh RMETA
doug217 Posted 09/18/2018
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Canon RAW 2 (TIFF-based)

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version Spanish Chinese German RISK_MANAGER_VERS_2.3.1_J6WRBO.DMG (8998 kbytes) 2.1.0

Version for 10.14.2 ver..3.14.AstroGuider.Jcz.pkg (29332 kbytes) 5.10

Best! version File_Juicer_vers.4.67_MG3S4.tar.gz (2995 kbytes) 4.59
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