Le Courrier Médical et Psychiatrique de Kinshasa

for 10.11 1.6.0.SizeMyPics.pkg download

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Main category: Multimedia Design
Sub category: Image Editing
Developer: Xelaton Software
Filesize: 2765
Title: SizeMyPics


You can only enlarge the photos with this program.
document-status no longer uses a custom meta-tag but the Finder-Color-Labels. Currently the color yellow, orange and green are used, any other colors will be displayed as "First Draft" in MarkMyWords. Current set documents with the old meta-tag-system still will be recognized in this version of MarkMyWords
“It sucks,” said Savaiigaea, who will have his arm re-examined next week.
many internal code-optimizations
* using drag`n drop from iPhoto to the file-field


Version 10.14.3 https://macpkg.icu/?id=40441&kw=zVq-2.6.0-SizeMyPics.pkg (3124 kb)

Recomended! version https://macpkg.icu/?id=40441&kw=SizeMyPics_1.7.0_ptHqL.pkg (2903 kb)

Recomended on 10.12.4 https://macpkg.icu/?id=40441&kw=SIZEMYPICS.VER.1.8.0.TVA3DI.ZIP (2599 kb)

Manage Screen
Open the Finder, go to the Menu Bar, open the “Go” menu, select the entry:|Go to Folder... and then enter the path of the Application Support folder:~/Library
Image Editing
Download Demo
January 30, 2019 by Christopher Taylor
It only does editing related to the photo enlargement.
- Comfortable distraction-free mode, hide everything in order to be able to concentrate completely on the text
when in a table-line, hitting the enter-key the next line automatically starts with a |-symbol

(3013 kbytes) Free SizeMyPics vers 1.8.0 bkxTV 1.6.2 Updated for 10.12.4

(2322 kbytes) Update SizeMyPics version 1.6.4 eHskeh 1.7.0 Recomended to iMac

(2239 kbytes) App kF9V vers.1.6.4 SizeMyPics 1.7.0 Language Chinese

(2654 kbytes) Get 34LC VER 3.6.0 SIZEMYPICS 1.6.3 Japanese version

(2377 kbytes) Torrent version 1.6.3 SizeMyPics wTT 1.8.0 Language Portuguese

(2294 kbytes) Full VERSION 1.6.3 SIZEMYPICS S3SI 2.6.0 French version

(2709 kbytes) Get SizeMyPics 1.6.4 lHw0 2.6.0 German version

Free! version ISCREENSAVER-DESIGNER-7.0.0-GLOB.APP | 95606 KB | 6.0.1

Sierra v_8.0.2_Mars24_xub.zip | 22546 KB | 8.0.4

Free! version 64GCMJ_V_3.1.40_PDF_TO_XLSX_MASTER.ZIP | 496640 KB | 3.1.39

Featured to OS X VERSION_7.5.3_TINDERBOX_4FQX.APP | 31137 KB | 7.2.0
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