Le Courrier Médical et Psychiatrique de Kinshasa



The National Medical Council has been created by the order - law N° 68/070 of March 1st, 1968, with as load and mission: defense, honor and the independence of the medical profession.  It understands:

- The National Council (CNOM) and its office 

- The provincial Council (COPROM) and their offices 


The National Council eve: 

- To the respect and to the maintenance by all members of the principles of morality, integrity and devotion,    

- To the observance by all physicians of theirs professional duties and rules of the medical deontology  

- To the defense of honor and the independence of the profession  

- To contribute to the protection of the population’s health  


The Physician in Democratic Republic of Congo is an actor and sanitary operator occupant a preeminent and important place that imposes him permanent requirements of knowledge, ethics, morality, dignity, professional independence and sharp sense of responsibility. He dedicates his life for the lot of humanity and the patient remains his first worry. For it, it is necessary that he has the character of a perfect honest man. Honor, the dignity, the noble traditions must always come with it at the time of the exercise of his profession. He  cannot practice his  profession that when he is regularly registered to the Picture of the order of the Physicians and no one can become member of a controlling organ of the order of the Physicians in Democratic Republic of Congo that a physician possessing the Congolese nationality. To make respect all it, the medical deontology is regulated by a code of deontology established by a law and the advice of the order of the Physicians is charged of the respect and the application of these legal arrangements.

The Office of the National Council of the CNOM has been elected at the time of the 4th convention plain of the National medical Council and took his functions on July 28, 2008 for 5 years. He is constituted:   


DR MBUTUKU: National President

DR KASWA: National Vice-president

DR SESE: National Secretary

DR EBONDO: National Associate Secretary

DR BEYA: National Treasurer     


The Office is the organ of daily management of the National Council and as such:


-  It elaborates the plan of action and the budget of the National Council  

-  It executes the decisions of the plenary assembly  

-  It manages the administrative and technical staff, the plenary assembly of the National Council   heard, 

-  It coordinates the Provincial Council activities and record the recourses exercised against them to submit to the plenary assembly for disposition  

-  It raises the yearly and multi-year reports submitted to the approval of the plenary assembly

-  It initiates the internal and external audits for the improvement of his own management, the one of the Provincial Council of the order of the Physicians and cells 

-  It installs the Office elected of the permanent Commissions of the CNOM. and of the COPROMS. 

The National  President represents the National Council and all Physicians of the country by the third in the acts of the civil life, he is the door speech, the defender and the protector so much of it by the national authorities that by the public opinion, so much national that international. The National Vice-president helps him and replaces him in case of obstacle. He supervises the general administration, notably the heritage, the bursary, the maintenance and the staff. The National Secretary is put in charge of the secretariat of the Council with mission and load of: 

- To look after the good holding and the updating of the Picture of the Council, of the cards of identity of the members and in general of all archives of the Council  

- To raise some minutes of collected them general and accounts returned of the meetings and sittings of the plenary 

- To assure the correspondence of the Council that he signs together with the President.  

The National Associate Secretary helps the holder and replaces it in case of obstacle.  

The Treasurer looks after the good holding and the updating of the financial states and the necessary books to the accounting.

Dr Kaswa K.J.





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